Modern dentistry and natural healing methods

We combine modern dentistry with the knowledge of alternative biological and kinesiological healing methods. Our clinic in Mallorca comprises five very modern treatment rooms and a complete state of the art OR. Our philosophy is supported by 30 years of experience in dentistry. More...

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Your dentists in Mallorca

Ina Althaus Bondulich & I. Henry Bondulich

Ina Althaus Bondulich and I. Henry Bondulich have been practising on Mallorca for 15 years and guarantee highest quality in dentistry, orthodontics and implantology. You may choose between a traditional medical treatment and a treatment based on holistic natural healing methods.


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Bio-compatible Materials

in Holistic Odontology

One aspect that differentiates Holistic Odontology from conventional odontology is the effort to use materials that respect human health and the environment. There is a new generation of bio-compatible materials that can be used in all dental treatments.


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Amalgam Risk

...and the best treatments

Unlike other metals, mercury emits vapors at room temperature, causing toxic fumes. It evaporates even more at body temperature. Persons with several fillings are carrying a few grams of mercury around at all times. Chewing, brushing the teeth, hot liquids and galvanic effects dilute the mercury.


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the insidious danger

The mouth contains many bacteria. These bacteria, along with mucus and other particles, form a colourless film on the teeth. When this film is not adequately removed via brushing and the use of floss, it hardens and forms plaque. This hardening can only be removed by professional cleaning by a dentist or hygienist. The longer plaque remains on the teeth, the more damage the bacteria inflicts. The first symptom is an inflammation of the gums called gingivitis.


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Holistic Orthodontics

Orthodontic appliances are used for children (and also for adults) in particular to improve the position of the mandible and to promote coordination during growth. In traditional orthodontics these measures are not taken usually until all permanent teeth have grown through.  In the case of crowded teeth even healthy teeth will be extracted.  However, in holistic dentistry children are treated with the aim of gently expanding the oral cavity by means of a loose appliance. 


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Tips for Parents

How to prepare your child

Bring your children with you to the clinic at an early age to make sure they get accustomed to the atmosphere. Allow them to make contact with the staff and feel at ease about what´s going on at the dentist´s office. We recommend short appointments only (no periodontal or prosthetic treatments). Leave your child in the care of the dental staff member of your confidence to guide your little one through the entire treatment situation.



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