Prophylaxis – Activation of the Body´s Defence

The main objective of treating periodontitis is the germ reduction. This includes cleaning the periodontal pockets and smoothing the tooth root. Furthermore the patient will be provided with detailed information about  proper oral hygiene. Today surgery is hardly necessary. There are more gentle methods like e.g. the treatment with laser or a device called Vector.

However from the holistic point of view a mechanical cleaning or germ reduction are not enough. The situation has to be approached by tackling the factors which disturb a balanced interaction between organism and bacteria. First and foremost the bacterial balance has to be restored – this is to say the symbiosis between the two. In order to achieve this goal holistic dentistry uses methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Each therapy is tailored according to the indiviual needs of the patient. This may include the restoration of the acid-base balance or an intestine rehabilitation and a subsequent nutritional therapy. If the organism is strained (e.g. due to the intolerance of dental material) a rehabilitation supported by a detoxification therapy may be necessary. Another way to activate the body´s defence is smoking cessation and stress reduction therapy. In view of the immune ability it is important to ensure an efficient antioxidant status (trace elements and vitamins). The additional administration of vital nutrients encourages the regeneration of the physical defence powers and activates the self-healing powers of the organism.
A holistic dentist includes findings of other medical fields in his treatment plans. If necessary he incorporates himself in a medical network consisting of immunologists, internists, gynaecologists, doctors for natural medicine or alternative practitioners.
A lasting therapeutic success can be achieved only when conventional germ- and bacteria reducing measures are combined with biomedical procedures. A cause-related therapy will create a stable base not only for healthy gums but also for the general state of health.
However: A periodontitis is a lifelong case for nursing care. Regular check-ups and prophylaxis appointments are indispensable. The intervals of follow-up appointments depend on the individual risk.