The interaction between jaw and organism

Life means reacting to impulses.
It depends if an impulse is answered by the organs of the body in the right or the wrong way, whether the organism will remain healthy or become ill. Therefore one could say that, to remain healthy means to react to impulses in the right way. A focus can interfere with this natural regulatory system of the body and cause peripheral malfunction. However, the repercussions do not show in every human being in the same manner. The peripheral reactions depend on the state of health of the organism: i.e. illness, vaccination, hereditary predisposition, incompatible dental materials, etc.

It is likely that a patient with a stable constitution can resist several root canal treatments without having any trouble, whereby another patient with a poor constitution may be facing severe health problems after the same kind of treatment. This different behaviour of the individual regulatory system is only understandable from a holistic point of view. The regulatory system of the organism is extremely complex and modern focal theory cannot be explained with the simple thinking of cause and effect. In the process of detecting a focus, numerous factors have to be considered. An important component within the diagnostics of a focal infection are the energetic interactions, as it was handed down from the ancient Chinese doctrine of energy and recompiled by the German physician Dr. Voll and the dentist Dr. Kramer. The basic principle of this knowledge are the meridians, which are so-called energetic links connecting different parts of the organism to form an interactive system. An important part of this system are the teeth. Each tooth has its energetic link, this means that every tooth is connected to a certain organ through a meridian. This explains why e.g. a recurrent bladder infection can be caused by a dead incisor.

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