Laser for Therapy?

Laser treatment has become an integral part of dentistry. The laser allows to perform a pain-reduced treatment. Laser-assisted tooth-whitening can solve aesthetic problems and the germ-killing effects of the laser have achieved great results in periodontal treatment.
In oral surgery the use of laser proves to be indispensable due to its accurate, efficient and gentle operation. The laser substitutes many instruments and encourages the healing of tissue and bone wounds.

Wound healing
Wounds heal faster because the laser does not touch the tissue (absolute sterile  treatment without bleeding). This way necrosis cannot not occur and postoperative discomfort is reduced.

Laser is applied for:
  1. Root canal sterilisation
  2. Preparation of the root canal
  3. Periodontal therapy
  4. Dentine hypersensitivity
  5. Tooth whitening
  6. Cavity preparation
  7. Light-activated disinfection
  8. Periimplantitis treatment