Safe with implants

Today wearers of dentures can laugh freely, speak and eat without interference; they can rely on their healthy teeth and need not be afraid of pressure points. Dentures based on implants provide a comforting degree of security, without any adaptation problems or loss of taste as experienced before with conventional ‘third teeth’. The implants are actually artificial roots set into the jaw during out-patient surgery.

The implant resumes the function of the natural tooth root and holds the prosthesis securely and firmly. Regardless of whether it is one single tooth, a bridge or a full denture – the ‘third teeth’ are rock-solid and biting problems are not an issue anymore.

Another important advantage of implants is their effect on the jaw bone: the artificial tooth root stabilises the bone against common decay because it transfers the chewing powers, training and stimulating the jaw bone. Manufactured exclusvely of biocompatible materials, allergic reactions are almost non-existent. Strikingly aesthetic and comfortable implants feel as if they were your own.