New: Cells with autologous blood for treating receding gums and bone

Extremely fast and practically painless miracle cure using stem cells from similar cells of your own blood, with nothing added externally.
For some time now we have been successfully handling implants,  extraction wounds, receding gums and exuberant bone growth with the methods developed by Dr Choukroun (PRF, APRF) in 2001. Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) from your own blood is produced using a specially-developed centrifuge.

This fibrin is a natural tissue adhesive which is applied to a membrane. These fibrin membranes contain a large amount of platelets which allow for a high concentration of growth factors and which also contain endothelial, progenitor cells that circulate in the blood of an adult and which are related to the angioblasts (stem cells).

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NICO in the Jawbone?

"NICO" is an abbreviation used to describe chronically inflamed areas in the jawbone, known as Neuralgia Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis. Chronic pain, neuralgia, and other symptoms can arise due to the formation of cavitations, or small pockets, in the jawbone. It is therefore extremely important to prevent the formation of NICO and eliminate any acute disturbances.

Symptoms of NICO can include chronic pain in the jaw, neck, and face, as well as difficulty eating and speaking. In severe cases, NICO can also lead to the formation of cysts or abscesses, which can cause further complications and the spread of infections.

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Advice - amalgam risk

Unlike other metals, mercury emits vapors at room temperature, causing toxic fumes. It evaporates even more at body temperature.  Persons with several fillings are carrying a few grams of mercury around at all times. Chewing, brushing the teeth, hot liquids and galvanic effects dilute the mercury. It can be absorbed and deposited in different organs of the body (kidneys, liver, brain, connective tissue). On the one hand this disturbes the metabolism (enzyme blockages), on the other hand, it damages the cells and the genetic make-up. Pewter, silver and copper (not so much zinc) can be deposited in the body and are poisonous if they reach a certain level.

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Metal free and biocompatible

Even the ancient Persians called lustrous white-gold and the colour of dazzling clear jewels “Zargun”. For a long time mankind has known Zirconium as a natural deposit. This “white gold” – which scientifically ranks as element 40 - was actually discovered in 1789 by the scientist Klaproth from Berlin. Swiss scientists have developed zirconium to a revolutionary dental material.

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Pain-free due to Focus Diagnostics

Common causes of foci in the teeth and jaw area are a dead tooth or a filled root canal, shifted third molars (wisdom teeth), residual infections after tooth extractions, inflammations of a tooth nerve or a cyst. This is a continuous strain on the entire organism which can lead to disorders in other areas of the body. However the repercussions do not show in every patient in the same manner. They can show different symptoms, depending on the constitution and the case history of the patient e.g. illness, intake of medication or hereditary reasons.

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OZONE TREATMENT in dentistry

Ozone can be specifically applied where it is needed to kill germs, bacteria, fungi and viruses within minutes and without any side effects. This treatment is painfree and takes effect immediately. Even when a patient had been suffering for years from periodontitis he feels a significant improvement after the first treatment. Increasingly applied for medical treatment this oxygen O3 is especially effective for bad breath and to stop gums from bleeding. And not only that. The oxygen treatment has a bleaching effect on the teeth. As a caries germ killer it acts to prevent dental caries which is a wonderully simple way to prevent caries. The oral bacterial flora is normalized and germs leading to infections cannot survive.

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All tissues, jaw & teeth are in constant motion. Therapy for harmonization.
Osteopathy is based on the knowledge that the body possess unlimited self-regulatory mechanisms and the inherent capacity to heal itself. By extensive palpation the osteopath can detect blockages and dysfunctions of the body and release them through a pain-free and sensitive therapy. Due to its gentle techniques osteopathy is especially suitable for children. Andrew Taylor Still M.D. (1828 – 1917), an American general practitioner of traditional medicine had to watch powerlessly when his wife and four children died from infectious diseases. Searching for an alternative approach of health and illness and what medicine should be, he discovered the holistic interaction of bones, muscles, tendons, fascia, organs, vessels and the flow of blood. Even today Dr. Stills findings are the foundation of osteopathic medicine.

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Modern Magnet Therapy

Modern magnet therapy is a physical procedure involving the use of magnetic fields to improve the microcirculation as well as to stimulate and regulate the cellular and energetic balance of the body. The health, the performance and the aging process of a human being are crucially depending on a properly functioning microcirculation. This has a direct influence on the functioning and performance of each individual cell, the organs as well as the muscles, joints, glands and the immune system.

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Metal free implantology

Implantology itself is already a ground-breaking success and progress in dentistry. Now a further revolutionary step has been taken into the future: implants with zirconium. So far, implants with pure titanium have been used – but now the patient may opt for metal-free implants made of zirconium oxide. A few important health advantages are provided by this alternative: No allergic reactions - enormous fracture strength and no corrosion - extreme stress resistance - resistance against any type of acid. Zirconium is a bad chemical and electrical conductor and can thus resist any temperature changes with no problems.

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Foreign substances in your mouth can interfere with your health and cause chronic illnesses. How can this be prevented?
All dental materials are subject to a continuous process of material loss. This means that crowns, bridges and fillings are continuously loosing components, which with the saliva reach the blood circulation and are stored in the organism. This is not only true for amalgam and other low-quality alloys but also for high-quality alloys, especially when badly finished. Scientists have found a serious increase of gold- and platinum concentration in the stool of patients after fitting this kind of materials in their mouths.

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Laser for Therapy?

Laser treatment has become an integral part of dentistry. The laser allows to perform a pain-reduced treatment. Laser-assisted tooth-whitening can solve aesthetic problems and the germ-killing effects of the laser have achieved great results in periodontal treatment.
In oral surgery the use of laser proves to be indispensable due to its accurate, efficient and gentle operation. The laser substitutes many instruments and encourages the healing of tissue and bone wounds.

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Applied Kinesiology / Focus Diagnostics

Health means to respond to stimuli in an adequate way. This includes Applied Kinesiology and Physioenergetics whereby the body is connected with different test materials (e.g.homeopathic medicine or dental substances). The organism responds to the vibrations of these substances. This way the therapist is able to test the patient by means of muscle reflexes which reveal organ dysfuntions. The most important biofunctional disorders of the patient are transmitted through a filter system. Among other things these filters can be indicative of imbalances in the patient´s body as well as stressed meridians.

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Health – well-being – happiness
The BIOACTIVATOR is a product of many years of investigation in the field of quantium physics in connection with holistic medicine and health. The device simulates the regulatory and healing powers of the sun, the elemental force of life. The device can be applied in many areas: it has a harmonizing effect on human beings, animals, plants and microbes. It activates the self-healing powers which are potentially existing in every living creature.

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Painkiller-free anaesthetic

One possibility in anaesthetics is the “electronic anaesthesia” (TENS). In this, electrodes are attached to the lip and mouth of the patient. The patient controls, by means of a lever, the amount of electric current to a point where he does not feel any pain, but only a slight tingling. This Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation is an electronic procedure for the treatment of pain. The TENS mechanism is simple, but extremely efficient. The transmission of pain information to the brain is inhibited.

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