Foreign substances in your mouth can interfere with your health and cause chronic illnesses. How can this be prevented?
All dental materials are subject to a continuous process of material loss. This means that crowns, bridges and fillings are continuously loosing components, which with the saliva reach the blood circulation and are stored in the organism. This is not only true for amalgam and other low-quality alloys but also for high-quality alloys, especially when badly finished. Scientists have found a serious increase of gold- and platinum concentration in the stool of patients after fitting this kind of materials in their mouths.

Even three months after these materials had been fitted in the mouth, the increase factor is seven-fold. Studies of environmental medicine have proven that the immune system can be disturbed by such a high percentage.
Nevertheless the extent of disturbances by dental material cannot be evaluated in general. In order to be sure we have to make specific tests. If a strain on your body by such damaging materials can be diagnosed they should be removed and substituted by materials with individual compatibility. Before any new material is fitted in it will be tested to make sure it is well tolerated by the patients organism, which means it will be tested and practically custom-made according to his individual state of health. Only after the test results have proven the material to be very well tolerated by the patient it will be fitted in his mouth. There is no such thing as a general compatibility of an alloy or material. However it is requested in biological dentistry that every material has to meet the requirements of biocompatibility, which means acceptability of the body. It is a general rule of holistic dentistry to use so-called bio-alloys. These are e.g. high-quality alloys of precious metals, not only in reference to the raw material itself, but also regarding its highest possible purity. This refers as well to components, which make up the tiniest part of an alloy.
By the way: especially patients who are electro-sensitive or who show allergic reactions to metal can benefit from metal free materials for dental rehabilitation. Fillings, inlays, crowns and even partial dentures replacing multiple missing teeth can be manufactured with state-of-the-art ceramics, without the use of metal. In holistic dentistry the patients health has top-priority and is therefore one of the basic rules.

By testing each material regarding its biocompatibility before fitting it in the patients mouth, it is ensured that the dentures or filling harmonise as perfectly as possible with the whole body.

Numerous health problems can be a sign for the bio-incompatibility of  dental materials

Problems in the oral cavity:
  • recurrent gingivitis or receding gums (periodontitis), taste disorders
  • burning of the tongue
  • recurrent infections (e.g. aphthous ulcers)

Systemic problems:
  • Sensitivities such as fatigue, lack of energy, headaches, dizziness,
  • insomnia, poor concentration
  • Illnesses of the nervous system such as tinnitus (ear noises), migraines,
  • polyneuropathy (sensitivity disorders)
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • MCS-syndrome (excessive sensitivity towards chemicals), susceptibility to
  • infections, chronic immune deficiency
  • Illnesses of the digestive system, disorders of the intestinal flora, mycoses,
  • allergies
  • Muscle disorders s. a. sensitivity disorders and signs of paralysis in arms and  legs or even rheumatism

Here you will find our questionnaire heavy metal exposure