The perfect mouthguard for sports

Up to 39% of all injuries of the teeth, mouth and jaw can be attributed to sports!
A custom-made mouthguard can reduce this hazard by up to 60%. Absorbing the forces which act on the mouth and teeth it provides protection against concussions at the same time. A well-driven hockey ball can reach a speed of 180km/h. But even popular sports such as mountain biking, inline skating, rugby, American football, squash, boxing and handball carry a high risk of accidents.

In 80% of all sports injuries involve the upper incisors which often leads to the loss of one or several teeth. The patient is often faced with years of dental or orthodontic treatment. Therefore it is advisable to visit your dentist prior to starting accident-prone sports. He will give you expert advise on protective measures. A mouthguard which provides excellent injury protection must meet tough requirements. It should protect your teeth and gums both, of the lower and upper jaw.