Applied Kinesiology / Focus Diagnostics

Health means to respond to stimuli in an adequate way. This includes Applied Kinesiology and Physioenergetics whereby the body is connected with different test materials (e.g.homeopathic medicine or dental substances). The organism responds to the vibrations of these substances. This way the therapist is able to test the patient by means of muscle reflexes which reveal organ dysfuntions. The most important biofunctional disorders of the patient are transmitted through a filter system. Among other things these filters can be indicative of imbalances in the patient´s body as well as stressed meridians. Applied Kinesiology is a method to encourage learning and healing of the body. The fundamental aim of Applied Kinesiology is the improvement of the well-being. Initially created in the 1960´s Applied Kinesiology is based on elements of chiropractic, traditional Chinese medicine and dietetecs.

The trend is not new: even Hippocrates, the Greek medical doctor (ca. 460 – 370 BC) knew the possibilities of Applied Kinesiology.

Physioenergetics is a holistic diagnose and therapy system. In the 1960´s Dr. Goodheart, USA, found out that the physical strength of individual muscles is related to pathologies of corresponding organs and physiological systems.