Acupuncture as holistic therapy has gained acceptance in dentistry. The effectiveness regarding two of the most important indications, the painful inflammatory illnesses and the dysfunctions is speaking for the  application in dentistry. Dental indications
  1. Pain relief after dental surgery and injuries
  2. Therapy of neuralgia and neuritis in the area of the teeth, mouth and jaw.
  3. Treatment of all inflammatory illnesses in the dental/maxillary area
  4. Strengthening of the immune system
  5. As supporting therapy of dysfunctions of the stomatognathic system (myoarthropathy, bruxism, trismus)
  6. As supporting therapy regarding the malfunction of the teeth, mouth and jaw
  7. Relaxation during dental surgery
  8. Acupunture therapy for the aversion to dentures and dental treatment (fears, pharyngeal reflex)
  9. Focal diagnostics and therapy
  10. Energetic stabilisation before, during and after extensive dental treatment