Modern Magnet Therapy

Modern magnet therapy is a physical procedure involving the use of magnetic fields to improve the microcirculation as well as to stimulate and regulate the cellular and energetic balance of the body. The health, the performance and the aging process of a human being are crucially depending on a properly functioning microcirculation. This has a direct influence on the functioning and performance of each individual cell, the organs as well as the muscles, joints, glands and the immune system.

How does this work
The body and tissue is exposed to a low-frequency, oscillating electomagnetic field whose vibrations cause an "eddy current“ altering the body functions and transmitting systematically information to the  cells.
This bioelectrical magnetic energy regulation increases the flow in the blood vessels (microcirculation) and the circulation of the body leading to an optimal supply of the cells with oxygen as well as all the vital nutrients and substances which are indispensable for life.

In dentistry modern magnet therapy is applied:

  1. for the accelerated healing of wounds after a tooth extraction or any other operation
  2. to contain inflammations, e.g. gingivitis
  3. to treat acute toothpain
  4. to treat inflammations of the periodontium or periodontitis, respectively
  5. as an additional treatment for orthodontics
  6. 6.    to treat problems of the jaw joints