New: Cells with autologous blood for treating receding gums and bone

Extremely fast and practically painless miracle cure using stem cells from similar cells of your own blood, with nothing added externally.
For some time now we have been successfully handling implants,  extraction wounds, receding gums and exuberant bone growth with the methods developed by Dr Choukroun (PRF, APRF) in 2001. Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) from your own blood is produced using a specially-developed centrifuge.

This fibrin is a natural tissue adhesive which is applied to a membrane. These fibrin membranes contain a large amount of platelets which allow for a high concentration of growth factors and which also contain endothelial, progenitor cells that circulate in the blood of an adult and which are related to the angioblasts (stem cells).

PRF is employed in operative procedures in order to make possible a quick and practically pain-free healing through the building of a large number of blood vessels. Thus implants can heal faster and better, and healthy bones can grow in any pre-set direction without having to resort to major bone transplantation. Receding gums can be restored simply without using  materials  foreign to your body or carrying out self-transplants which would be disadvantageous as they would entail further operations. PRF eases the pain in inflamed areas and the inflammation subsides much more rapidly, thus saving bone material.

Indications in overview:

  1. Receding gums
  2. Bone decay
  3. Implant-induced inflammation
  4. Slow-healing wounds
  5. Exposed cervical
  6. Deep gingival pockets
  7. Jaw joint complaints (TMJ)
  8. Allergic reaction to foreign materials and medication

The advantages:

  • Less post-operative pain
  • Faster healing
  • No materials foreign to your bodyused  (protection from allergic reaction)
  • Hinders inflammation
  • No additional operative procedures (no mucus membrane or bone transplants)
  • Cost-saving (no expensive foreign materials used)