Modern dentistry and natural healing methods

Ina & Ivan Althaus BondulichWe combine modern dentistry with the knowledge of alternative biological and kinesiological healing methods. Our clinic comprises five very modern treatment rooms and a complete state of the art OR. Ina Althaus Bondulich and I. Henry Bondulich have been practising on Mallorca for 15 years and guarantee highest quality competence in dentistry, orthodontics and implantology. Our philosophy is supported by 30 years of experience in dentistry. You may choose between a traditional orthodox medical treatment and a treatment based on holistic natural healing methods. We offer implants and crowns without any toxic metals (zirconium). We also test the bio-tolerance of your teeth both homoeopathically and osteopathically.

Further services:
• Flushing-out of heavy metals based on the methods of Dr. Klinghardt and Prof. Omura.
• Complete protection during removal of toxic dental materials
• Non-toxic removal of amalgam
• Video headsets for a non-traumatic dental treatment
• Shots without needles
• Panorama x-ray unit with computer screens
• Kinesiology testing procedures